The sun comes up in the African desert, As a large group of animals make their way to Pride rock to see King Mufasa's and Queen Sarabi's new Cub

The next morning finds Mufasa's Brother, Scar, Angrey that he will no longer be The Next King. Simba Grows up and A few nights later, Is seen on top of Pride Rock, With his father. Mufasa teaches Simba about the circle of life. Zazu, King Mufasa's Major Dodo, Comes and gives the Morning Report, While Simba punces 9Eventually, He pounces Zazu). They soon come to learn that hyenas are in the Pride lands, And Simba has to return to pride rock, Against his will. He talks with his Uncle Scar, Who tells him about an Old elephant grave yard. Simba as Scar planned, Goes there with his Friend, Nala. They come so Close to getting Eaten, But Mufasa saves them, And punishes Simba.Meanwhile, The Hyena's complain about Lions, When scar comes in, And tells them his plan. The next day, Simba is in a gorge with Scar, Who Lies and tells him that His father is planning a surprise, But He launches an Attack with Hyenas. Mufasa and Zazu soon come and Try to save Simba, But Mufasa gets killed. Simba thinks he did it. And Scar tryes to Kill Simba, But fails. He sent the Hyenas to do it, But they fail. Scar lies And tells everone that he is sad that Mufasa died and Lies agin by sayen; that was sad that Simba "died". Simba is liven' it cool in the Deserts of Hakuna Matata. He befriends two Animals, Timon and Pumbaa, And they live by Hakuna Matata. Years pass and Pumbaa is nearly killed By...Nala! Simba is overjoyed! But Nala wants Simba to return to the Pride, But Simba refuses. But the Creepy Monkey, Rafiki comes and Changes Simba's mind, By takeing him to see his Father, Who tells Him to return. Simba returns with Nala and Timon and Pumbaa. They find his mother getting K-Oed by Scar. Simba and Scar face off on top of pride rock, With Simba gaining a Upper Hand. Simba and Nala marry, and Have a Cub named Kiara.