Mufasa is a yellow lion. He is a hero, according to Simba. In the opening of the first film, the animals of Mufasa's kingdom arrive at Pride Rock to greet and honor the birth of his newborn son and their next king, Simba. Mufasa's brother, Scar, is enraged that he has lost his place as Mufasa's immediate successor upon the birth of the prince. Mufasa teaches his son the delicate balance of affecting all living things and takes him to a trip through the Pride Lands, but warns him not to go outside the lands' limits, especially the elephant graveyard. Simba disobeys his father and, along with his best friend Nala, is nearly killed by Scar's three hyena henchmen, but they are saved by Mufasa in the last minute. Out of jealousy, Scar formulates a plan to kill his older brother and Simba, so that he could rule the Pride Lands. Scar's plan is partially fulfilled when he kills Mufasa after Mufasa saves Simba from a wildebeest stampede initiated by the hyenas under Scar's signal. Simba goes to exile while Scar assumes the throne, until an adult Simba encounters the wise mandrill Rafiki, who shows him that Mufasa is still alive inside Simba, and that it is not too late to change things. To convince him further, Rafiki summons Mufasa's spirit, who tells Simba that he is the true king. Upon seeing his father again, Simba regains the confidence to face Scar for the throne.

he was voiced by James Earl Jones.

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